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Closing and liquidating a company can arise from many different circumstances and will either result in a voluntary or compulsory liquidation process. If your creditors are forcing your company into liquidation or you have chosen to wind up your company then our team of highly qualified liquidators can help you make the right decisions on what the best solutions are for you. Liquidation is a difficult subject and no matter if your company is solvent or insolvent you need to be working with a fully qualified licenced insolvency practitioner.


In many cases, a company has hit upon hard times and what was once a viable business has become insolvent with creditors petitioning for the company to be liquidated. It is commonplace for HMRC to be a key creditor due to unpaid tax such as corporation tax and VAT and they regularly wind-up companies for this reason – though trade creditors (such as suppliers) could also do this if they have not been paid. The creditor or creditors can apply for a Winding Up Petition to be sent to your company which is the most serious step a creditor can take; they are effectively asking the Crown to shut down your company. Upon receiving a Winding Up Petition, time is truly of the essence as your company could be issued with a Winding Up Order after seven days if you do not act.

The first port of call should be to consult with a licensed insolvency practitioner to discuss your options. Thankfully, you can arrange a free initial consultation with one of our local insolvency practitioners at your convenience.

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Company Insolvency Advice is a leading business rescue, corporate restructuring and insolvency specialists, with years of experience in providing corporate debt solutions. We understand the daily pressure you are under as a director and our team of expert consultants cover the whole of the country in order to discuss debt solutions with company directors.


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From our office in the North West of England, we provide a national advice service to the whole of England, Scotland and Wales. We aim to offer tailored, high quality service of local business advisors, with the experience, knowledge and support of a huge, national organisation.


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  • Communication

Good communication holds the key to any financial advice for businesses and our remit is to provide clear and accurate debt advice.

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Our staff have many years’ experience in dealing with ever-expanding creditor pressure and economic issues that affect companies.

  • Reputation

Company Insolvency Advice prides itself on the reputation it has built up over the years in assisting company directors resolve various financial issues.

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